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Student Title Journal Year PMID PMCID
Nyakutira C, Röshammar D, Chigutsa E, Chonzi P, Ashton M, Nhachi C, Masimirembwa C HIV Pharm High prevalence of the CYP2B6 516G–>T(*6) variant and effect on the population pharmacokinetics of efavirenz in HIV/AIDS outpatients in Zimbabwe Eur J Clin Pharmacol 2007 18057928
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Thelingwani RS, Zvada SP, Dolgos H, Ungell AL, Masimirembwa CM OTH Pharm In vitro and in silico identification and characterization of thiabendazole as a mechanism-based inhibitor of CYP1A2 and simulation of possible pharmacokinetic drug-drug interactions Drug Metab Dispos 2009 19299526
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Gantt S, Carlsson J, Heath L, Bull ME, Shetty AK, Mutsvangwa J, Musingwini G, oelk G, Zijenah LS, Katzenstein DA, Mullins JI, Frenkel LM HIV Seq Genetic analyses of HIV-1 env sequences demonstrate limited compartmentalization in breast milk and suggest viral replication within the breast that increases with mastitis J Virol 2010 20660189 PMC2950573
Dodd PJ, Millington KA, Ghani AC, Mutsvangwa J, Butterworth AE, Lalvani A, Corbett EL TB Dx Interpreting tuberculin skin tests in a population with a high prevalence of HIV, tuberculosis, and nonspecific tuberculin sensitivity Amer J Epidemiol 2010 20382638 PMC2858871
Gumbo FZ, Duri K, Kandawasvika GQ, Kurewa NE, Mapingure MP, Munjoma MW, Rusakaniko S, Chirenje MZ, Stray-Pedersen B HIV Epi Risk factors of HIV vertical transmission in a cohort of women under a PMTCT program at three peri-urban clinics in a resource-poor setting J Perinatol 2010 20336078 PMC2994594
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Magombedze G, Nduru P, Bhunu CP, Mushayabasa S OTH qr Mathematical modelling of immune regulation of type 1 diabetes Biosystems 2010 20708063
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Duri K, Gumbo FZ, Kristiansen KI, Kurewa NE, Mapingure MP, Rusakaniko S, Chirenje MZ, Muller F, Stray-Pedersen B HIV Tx Antenatal HIV-1 RNA load and timing of mother to child transmission; a nested case-control study in a resource poor setting Virol J 2010 20678190 PMC2919474
Corbett EL, Bandason T, Duong T, Dauya E, Makamure B, Churchyard GJ, Williams BG, Munyati SS, Butterworth AE, Mason PR, Mungofa S, Hayes RJ TB RCT Comparison of two active case-finding strategies for community-based diagnosis of symptomatic smear-positive tuberculosis and control of infectious tuberculosis in Harare, Zimbabwe (DETECTB): a cluster-randomised trial Lancet 2010 20923715 PMC2956882
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Bhunu CP, Mushayabasa S OTH Tx Chancroid transmission dynamics: a mathematical modeling approach Theory Biosc 2011 21842439
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Chigutsa E, Visser ME, Swart EC, Denti P, Pushpakom S, Egan D, Holford NH, Smith PJ, Maartens G, Owen A, McIlleron H TB Pharm The SLCO1B1 rs4149032 polymorphism is highly prevalent in South Africans and is associated with reduced rifampin concentrations: dosing implications Antimicrob Ag Chemother 2011 21709081 PMC3165308
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Bepe N, Madanhi N, Mudzviti T, Gavi S, Maponga CC, Morse GD HIV Pharm The impact of herbal remedies on adverse effects and quality of life in HIV-infected individuals on antiretroviral therapy J Inf Devel Countries 2011 21330740 PMC3424263
Duri K, Müller F, Gumbo FZ, Kurewa NE, Rusakaniko S, Chirenje MZ, Mapingure MP, Stray-Pedersen B HIV Tx Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) types Western blot (WB) band profiles as potential surrogate markers of HIV disease progression and predictors of vertical transmission in a cohort of infected but antiretroviral therapy naïve pregnant women in Harare, Zimbabwe BMC Inf Dis 2011 21211021 PMC3022718
Mushayabasa S, Tchuenche JM, Bhunu CP, Ngarakana-Gwasira E HIV Mod Modeling gonorrhea and HIV co-infection Biosystems 2011 20869424
Mushayabasa S, Bhunu CP HIV Mod Modeling schistosomiasis and HIV/AIDS codynamics. Comp Math Methods Med 2011 20869424
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Midzi N, Mtapuri-Zinyowera S, Sangweme D, Paul NH, Makware G, Mapingure MP Brouwer KC, Mudzori J, Hlerema G, Chadukura V, Mutapi F, Kumar N, Mduluza T OTH RCT Efficacy of integrated school based de-worming and prompt malaria treatment on helminths -Plasmodium falciparum co-infections: A 33 months follow up study. BMC Int Hlth Hum Rights 2011 21696629 PMC3141662
Duri K, Soko W, Gumbo F, Kristiansen K, Mapingure M, Stray-Pedersen B, Muller F HIV Seq Genotypic analysis of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 env V3 loop sequences: bioinformatics prediction of coreceptor usage among 28 infected mother-infant pairs in a drug-naive population AIDS Res Human Retrovir 2011 20969460
Gumbo FZ, Kandawasvika GQ, Duri K, Mapingure MP, Kurewa NE, Nathoo K, Rusakaniko S, Chirenje MZ, Stray-Pedersen B HIV Tx Reduced HIV transmission at subsequent pregnancy in a resource-poor setting Trop Doctor 2011 21576348 PMC3128383
Duri K, Gumbo F, Kristiansen K, Mapingure M, Munjoma M, Chirenje M, Rusakaniko S, Stray-Pedersen B, Műller F. HIV Seq Phylogenetic analysis of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 subtype C env gp120 sequences among four drug-naive families following subsequent heterosexual and vertical transmissions AIDS Res Human Retrovir 2012 22206228
Dahlman KB, Parker JS, Shamu T, Hieronymus H, Chapinski C, Carver B, Chang K, Hannon GJ, Sawyers CL OTH Dx Modulators of prostate cancer cell proliferation and viability identified by short-hairpin RNA library screening PLoS One 2012 22509301 PMC3324507
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Chigutsa E, Meredith S, Wiesner L, Padayatchi N, Harding J, Moodley P, MacKenzie WR, Weiner M, McIlleron H, Kirkpatrick CM TB Pharm Population pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of ofloxacin in South African patients with multidrug-resistant TB Antimicrob Ag Chemother 2012 22564839 PMC3393408
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Malunga G, Mujaji WB, Musarurwa C, Nyamayaro T HIV Pharm Investigation of the effect of Stalanev (Stavudine, Lamivudine and Nevirapine) treatment on plasma lactate levels in adults attending Beatrice Road and Wilkins Infectious Diseases Hospital Opportunistic Infections Clinics in Harare, Zimbabwe CAJM 2012 26255331
Mudzviti T, Sibanda M, Gavi S, Maponga CC, Morse GD HIV Pharm Implementing a pharmacovigilance program to evaluate cutaneous adverse drug reactions in an antiretroviral access program J Inf Dis Devel Countries 2012 23277506 PMC3313558
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Eaton JW, Garnett GP, Takavarasha FR, Mason PR, Robertson L, Schumacher CM, Nyamukapa CA, Gregson S HIV Epi Increasing adolescent HIV prevalence in Eastern Zimbabwe–evidence of long-term survivors of mother-to-child transmission? PLoS One 2013 23950938 PMC3737189
Makamure B, Mhaka J, Makumbirofa S, Mutetwa R, Mupfumi L, Mason P, Metcalfe JZ TB Dx Microscopic-observation drug-susceptibility assay for the diagnosis of drug-resistant tuberculosis in Harare, Zimbabwe PLoS One 2013 23409072 PMC3569460
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