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Over the past decades BRTI published more than 200 peer-reviewed articles in some of the most respected health and social science journals. To make findings widely available we strive to provide free and open access to our publications. To read the publications click ‘free access’. After clicking ‘free access’ a pop-up window will take you to the article on the journal website wherefrom you can freely access a pdf version of the article. Publications with ‘restricted access’ can only be viewed if you or your institution hold a subscription to the journal concerned

2022310Lynn Sodai Zijenah, Tsitsi Bandason, Wilbert Bara, Maria Mary Chipiti, and David Allan KatzensteinImpact of Option B+ Combination Antiretroviral Therapy on Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV-1, Maternal and Infant Virologic Responses to Combination Antiretroviral Therapy, and Maternal and Infant Mortality Rates: A 24-Month Prospective Follow-Up Study at a Primary Health Care Clinic, in Harare, ZimbabweMary Ann Liebert Publications2022https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/full/10.1089/apc.2021.0217?utm_source=Adestra&utm_medium=email&utm_term=&utm_content=Article1-OA&utm_campaign=APC+FP+April+20%2C+2022
2021310Tichaona MapangisanaRhoderick Machekano, Vinie Kouamou,Caroline Maposhere, Kathy McCarty, Marceline Mudzana, Shungu Munyati
,Junior Mutsvangwa, Justen Manasa, Tinei Shamu, Mampedi Bogoshi,
Dennis Israelski, David Katzenstein
Viral load care of HIV-1 infected children and adolescents: A longitudinal study in rural Zimbabwe2021
2020309Vinie KouamouBhavini Varyani, Tinei Shamu, Tichaona Mapangisana,
Cleophas Chimbetete, Tinashe Mudzviti, Justen Manasa,and David Katzenstein
Drug Resistance Among Adolescents and Young Adults
with Virologic Failure of First-Line Antiretroviral Therapy and Response to Second-Line Treatment
2019308Vinie KOUAMOUJusten MANASA, David KATZENSTEIN, Alan M.
Drug Resistance and Optimizing Dolutegravir Regimens for Adolescents and
Young Adults Failing Antiretroviral Therapy.
307Simms VDauya E, Dakshina S, Bandason T, McGugh G, Munyati S, Chonzi P, Kranzer K, Ncube G, Masimirembwa C, Apollo T, Hayes R, Weiss HA, Ferrand RACommunity burden of undiagnosed HIV infection among adolescents in Zimbabwefollowing primary-health-care basedprovidoe-initiated HIV testing and counseling: A cross sectional surveyPLos Medicine201714e1002360
306Schaefer RGregson S, Eaton JW, Mugurugni O, Rhead R, Tkaruza A, Maswera R, Nyamukp C, Age disprate relationships and HIV incidence in adolescent girls and young wome: evidence from ZimbabweAIDS2017311461-70
305Kranzer KBradley J, Musaazi J, Nyathi M, Gunguwo H, Ndebele W, Dixon M, Ndhlovu M, Rehman A, Khan P, Vogt F, Apollo T, Frerrand RALoss to follow up among children and adolescents growing up with HIV infection: age really mattersJournal of the International AIDS Society20172001-Jul
304Wilmore SMSKranzer K, Williams A, Makamure B, Nhidza A, Mayini J, Bandason T, Metcalfe J, Nicol MP, Balakrishnan A, Ellington MJ, Woodford N, Hopkins S, McHugh TD, Ferrand RACarriage of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing Eneterobacteriaceae in HIV-infected children in ZimbabweJournal of Medical Microbiology201766609-15
303Bonnington OWamoyi J, Ddaaki W, Bukenya D, Odenge K, Skovdal M, Renju J, Moshabela M, Wringe AChanging forms of HIV-related stigma along the HIV care and treatment continuum in sub Saharan Africa: a temporal analysisSexually Trnsmitted Infections201793e052975
302Searle KMKatowa B, Kobayashi T, Siame MN, Mharkurwa S, Carpi G, Norris DE, Stephenson JC, Thuma P, Moss WJDistinct parasite popultaions infect individuals identified through passive and active case detection in a region of declining malari transmission in southern AfricaMalaria Journal201716
301Skovdal MMagutshwa-Zitha C, Campbell C, Nyamukapa C, Gregson SGetting off on the wong foot? How community groups in Zimbabwe position themelves for partnerships with externa agencies in the HIV responseGlobal Health20171329
300Wringe ARenju G, Seeley J, Moshabela N, Skovdal MBottlenecks to HIV care and treatment in sub-Saharan Africa: a multi-country qualitative studySexually Transmitted Infections201793e053172
299Ferrand RAGaps in the early infant diagnosis cascade in a high HIV prevalence settingPublic Health Action2017778
298Renju JMoshabela M, McLean E, Ddaaki W, Skovdal M, Odongo F, Bukenya D, Wamoyi J, Bonnngton O, Selley J, Zaba B, Wringe ASide effects are central effects that challenge retention in HIV care and treatment programmes in six sub-Saharan Africa countries: a multicountry qualitative studySexually Transmitted Infections201793e052971
297Wringe AMoshabela M, Nyamukapa C, Bukenya D, Odenge K, Ddaaki W, Wamoyi J, Seeley J, Church K, Zaba B, Hosegood V, Bonninton O, Skovdal M, Renju JHIV testing experiences and their implications for patient engagement with HIV care and treatment programmes on the ve of "test and treat" programmes: findings from a multi-country qualitative studySexually Transmitted Infections 201793e052969
296Moshabela MBukenya D, Darong G, Wamoyi J, MacLean E, Skovdal M, Ddaaki W, Odenge K, Bonnington O, Seeley J, Hosegood V, Wringe ATradittional ealers, faith healers and medical practitioners: the contribution of medical pluralism to bottlemecks along the cascade of care for hiv/AIDS in easster and southern AfricaSexually Transmitted Infections201793e052974
295Ondenge KRenju J, Bonnington O, Moshabela M, Wamoyi J, Wringe A, Skovdal M"I am treated well if I adhere to my HIV medication": putting patient-providoe interactions in context through insights from qualitative research in five sub Saharan countriesSexaually Transmitted Infections201793e052973
294Skovdal MWringe A, Seeley J, Renju J, Paparini S, Warmoyi J, Moshabela M, Ddaaki W, Nyamikapa C, Ondenge K, Bernays S, Bonnington OUsing theories of practice to understand HIV-positive persons varied engagement with HIV services: a qualitative study in six sub-Saharan Africa countriesSexually Transmitted Infections201793e052977
293Tlhajoane MEaton JW, Takaruza A, Rhead R, Maerwa R, Schur N, Sherr L, Nyamukapa C, Gregson SPrevalence and associations of psychological distress, HIV infection and HIV care service utilization n eastern ZimbabweAIDS and Behaviour201721
292Witter SBertone MP, Chirwa Y, Namakula J, So S, Wurie HREvolution of policies on human resources for health: opportunities and onstraints in four post-conflict and post-crisis settingsConflict and Health20171031-38
291Caligaro GLZijenah LS, Peter JG, Theron G, Buser V, McNerney R, Bara W, Bandason T, Govender U, Tomasicchio M, Smith L, Mayosi BM, Dheda KEffect of new tuberculosis diagnostic technologies on community-based intensidied case finding: a multi-centre randomised control trialLancet Infectious Diseases201717441-50
290Witter SNamakula J, Alonso-Garboyo A, Wurie H, Theobald S, Mashange W, Ros B, Buzuzi S, Manwi T, Martineau TExperiences of life histories with health workers in post-conflict and crisis settings: methodological reflectionsHealth Policy and Planning201732
289Elmes JSkovdal M, Nhongo K, Ward H, Campbell C, Hallet TB, Nyamukapa C, White CJ, Gregson S.A reconfiguration of the sex trade: How social and structural changes in eastern Zimbabwe left women involved in sex work and transactional sex more vulnerablePLoS One201712e0171916
288Gudza-Mugabe MMagwenzi MT, Mujuru HA, Bwakura-Dangarembizi M, Robertson VJ, Aitken AJEffect of hand rubbing using locally manufactured alcohol-based handrubs in paediatric wards in Harare, ZimbabweAntimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control201766-8
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283Marston MNakyringi-Miiro J, Kusemererwa S, Urassa M, Michael D, Nyamukapa C, Gregson S, Zaba B, Eaton JWThe effects of HIV on fertlity by infection duration: evidence from African population cohorts before ART availabilityAIDS201731(S1)S69-76
282Wilson KCMhangara M, Dzanagare J, Eaton JW, Hallett TB, Mugurungi O, Gregson SDoes nonlocal women attendance at antenatal clinics distort HIV prevalence estimates in pregnant women in Zimbabwe?AIDS201731(S1)S95-102
281Schaeffer RGregson S, Akaruza A, Rhead R, Masoka T, Schur N, Anderson SJ, Nyamukapa CSpatial patterns of HIV prevalence and service us in eastern Zimbabwe: implications for further trageting of interventionsJournal of the International AIDS Society2017191-10
280Attia EFMiller RF, Ferrand RABronchiectasis and other chronic lung diseases in adloescents living with HIVCurrent Opinion in Infectious Disease20173021-30
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239Gregson SDharmayat K, Pereboom M, Takaruza A, Mugurungi O, Schur N, Myamukapa CDo HIV prevealence trends in antenatal clinic surveillance represent trends in the general population in the antiretroviral era? The case of Manicaland, East ZimbabweAIDS2015291845-53
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AIDS Care20154233742012
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